Living United in Putnam and St. Johns Counties

United Way of St. Johns County launched our Live United initiative on June 1st with a focus on rebuilding our community into a stronger, more equitable place post the COVID-19 pandemic.

While United Way-SJC has always been focused on helping the most vulnerable in our community, working to close the divide in health, financial stability, and education, we recognize that the intersection of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial and ethnic inequality has widened that gap. Our community needs to work together to reimagine and rebuild as a stronger, more equitable place where we all can thrive.

Across the world, United Way has been working overtime to help communities respond to COVID-19. The $1 billion United Way raised for COVID-19 relief efforts globally is now in our communities. It helped more than 27 million people stay in their homes, feed their families, keep the lights on, and more.

But we also know that real recovery will take a while. Our work is far from over. More than 225 million jobs have been lost; educators and parents worry about learning loss, especially for low-income children of color, and United Ways are still fielding record requests for help.

Rebuilding isn’t a matter of going back to where we were. It’s reimagining how we can be better, and building towards that – together. Help us Live United.

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