United Way Partners Welcome Susan’s Baby

Today, Susan is a doting mother to a healthy, happy, baby girl, but it wasn’t that long ago that she was given tough news.

She was experiencing a high-risk pregnancy and doctor’s orders were for strict bed rest. She appreciated that her employer understood that she had to take the time away for work but was frightened by the lack of income.  

Making her situation was even more complicated, Susan is visually-impaired, and her baby would be as well. There were medical bills looming in the near future. 

Hearing the importance of the doctor’s advice, Susan knew that the stress was not good for her unborn baby. She worried how they would be able to make ends meet until she connected with United Way of St. Johns County. Knowing about United Way through her workplace, she knew she had to make the call.

By reaching out into the community, United Way-SJC was able to connect Susan with everything from financial assistance to diapers for soon-to-arrive baby Lillian.

Following the doctor’s orders, Susan stayed in bed and focused on being healthy and stress-free. This was much easier when she knew that because of donors like you, the rent was paid, and baby-items were ready and waiting. 

Baby Lillian was fitted immediately for contact lens after her birth. Today, Susan is back to work and is happy to have left all that worry behind. Dad acts as the primary caregiver and able to drive Susan to and from work. Susan’s employer is happy to have her back. Most importantly, Susan and Lillian’s dad are able to cherish time with their first little one, beautiful baby Lillian, and their new, slightly larger, family.