We Are

When we first opened in 1957, we were known as The Community Chest. Our first year, we raised $48,176.85. Since then, we have raised $25.95 million! We’ve changed a lot over the years, but our goal hasn’t. Since day one, our mission has been to engage and inspire communities to create a shared vision for the future and set goals for collective action in the areas of health, education, and income. And that’s exactly what we do. Every year, we’re amazed by the generous hearts and continued support of those in our community. It’s amazing what happens when we LIVE UNITED!

Mission & Vision

We all have a stake in creating a happy, healthy, and prosperous community. That’s why we’re working to make a better life for everyone in our community by focusing on the things that everyone needs for a good life: health, education, and financial stability. 

At United Way of St. Johns County, we measure success not by dollars raised, but by lives improved. Our approach is to bring together agencies, businesses, organizations, faith-based groups, government, and individuals to focus on our community’s most critical problems. With partners who share our vision and have the passion to get the work done, we make a real local impact.  

With nearly 1,800 United Ways making a difference in 41 countries and territories, we’re part of a worldwide movement bringing millions of people together to solve community problems.

Will you join the fight for the health, education, and financial stability of your neighbors in St. Johns and Putnam Counties? 

Give. Advocate. Volunteer. Make a local impact. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED!

Board of Directors

Meet our inspiring board of directors who are dedicated to Living United! 

Bev Slough


Dick Williams

Campaign Chair

Lori Brandel

Community Impact Chair

Milton Nuckols


Melissa Nelson


Joy Andrews

Board Member

Mark Bailey

Board Member

Suzanne Brown

Board Member

Matt Cline

Board Member

Kelly Green

Board Member

Glenn Guest

Board Member

Steve Hill

Board Member

Brittany Keith

Board Member

Gina Mangus

Board Member

Jay Owen

Board Member

Joe Pickens

Board Member

Susan Ponder-Stansel

Board Member

John Regan

Board Member


Melissa Nelson

President and CEO

Jenny Harvey

Director of Community Impact

Becca Crum

Director of Finance

Lorie Shvets

Director of Communications

Dawn Infanti

Director of Donor Relations

Richard Bashaw

Administrative Staff

Na'Tiece Anderson

Administrative Assistant

Nancy Burns


Need Help?

If you need help, call 2-1-1 or visit nefl211.org now!