United Way-SJC Makes Tax Prep Less Taxing

Mark is a long-time St. Augustine resident. After hearing from family members about the services available, he recently visited United Way of St. Johns County for information regarding his tax-return.

Skeptical at first, Mark now understands that there is truly no cost.  He was be able to work with trained preparers, that he knew he could trust and that had his best interest at heart. He could also be confident he would be cared for and informed regarding his needs. His family was right to refer him to the RealSense program at United Way-SJC.

For individuals like Mark, United Way-SJC has four locations staffed with trained volunteers that carefully prepare returns at truly no cost.  Volunteers take the time to get to know the individuals or families they are working with to ensure that accuracy and resulting refunds are the best that can be achieved.  The cost of a poorly prepared return, no return or prep fees are all avoided, as well as predatory lenders. The resulting dollars can make a profound impact to a family living paycheck to paycheck. Those dollars can be used in many ways, maybe to a build a savings account, for needed auto maintenance or paying down a debt.

During tax prep sessions, in addition to tips for planning ahead for next year’s returns., information is shared about community resources and financial literacy.  For a single mom, a senior adult or a teenager filing for the first time, this counseling can be invaluable.

At United Way-SJC, from year to year, we love to see familiar faces like Mark’s. And, if you asked our returning visitors, they might share that tax season isn’t so bad when you work with United Way of St. Johns County.